Tilt and turn windows are modern windows that are popular because of their operational simplicity, low U value and security features. 

Design - various style options are possible. We use two profiles: EURO 68 (double-glazed) and EURO 84 (triple-glazed). See more details in Drawings section.

Fittings - a multi-point locking system ensures robust security.

Glass - a Low-E glazing unit is filled with Argon gas to reduce heat transfer.

Finish - Factory finish protects the wooden frames from the weather influence. Various fully factory finishes are available for a unique design of your tilt and turn wooden windows. Read more about finish options in Wood.

Wood - engineered softwood or hardwood minimizes warping and prolongs performance of our wooden tilt and turn windows.

Insulation - two layers of gaskets provide a maximum heat and sound insulation.

Maintenance - the windows are easy to clean from inside.

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